Thursday, June 24, 2010

Camo-Covers: disguise your shoes and shield your dignity

There is no more humbling equalizer among human beings than the biological imperative that we seek the relief of a toilet at some point in our day.

It's an awful, socially awkward, often career-limiting frailty in the human condition.


Among men, at least, there is exists the Sanctity of the Urinal: men silently tend their business with ne'ery a glance, nor a word directed toward anyone else at nearby urinals.

It's in the same Code league as the sanctity of the confessional practiced by the Catholic Church, or the code of vendetta practiced by Corsican mobsters.

It is sacrosanct.

As is the prohibition on urinal-to-toilet-stall communications.


But, humiliation that no code can protect against is when someone entering the rest room recognizes the shoes of the hapless boob perched upon a toilet within a stall.

Sure, it'd be great if everyone had the money to own a dedicated pair of "Shit Shoes" -- a secret, unrecognizable pair of shoes to be worn while seated within a toilet stall. But who can afford that?

That's why Whetam Social Technics created shoe "Camo-Covers" to disguise people's identities when they are using a toilet.

Camo-Covers are inexpensive and easy to use. They fold up and fit easily and unobtrusively in a trouser pocket.

They come in a range of styles from Hip Hop, Work Boot, Yuppie, Executive and the new "Hey Man!" Sandal look.

Camo-Covers are durable, and tests have shown they can be reused up to four times. They are also bio degradable, so Camo-Covers can be flushed after use.

Best of all, Camo-Covers are made from the patent-pending BriteWeave fiber, so in a pinch, they can be used as toilet paper. If there is anything worse than having to use a toilet in the first place, it's finding out too late that there is not toilet paper.

In extreme circumstances, Camo-Covers are even edible.

So, the next time "natural calls" don't be just another rube in the stalls.

Get Camo-Covers. They'll cover your shoes and shield your dignity.

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