Thursday, October 07, 2010

Col. Russell Williams Faces the Music

Can Canadian Judas Prudence handle Col. Russell Williams facing the music? Can the country that is so dignified, courteous and empathetic devise a punishment for this multiple murderer?

BELLEVILLE, Ont. — Dressed in a sombre black suit, a clean-shaven Col. Russell Williams lowered his head while his lawyer told a packed courtroom that the disgraced military man will plead guilty to two charges of murder and two counts of sexual assault on Oct. 18.

The announcement Thursday morning put an end to a bitter saga involving the former base commander of Canadian Forces Base Trenton who was once considered one of the elite officers of the Canadian Forces.

The colonel had waived his right to a preliminary hearing in August, setting the stage for Thursday's dramatic events.

People were lined up to get into the court early in the morning. Just before 10 a.m., the families of the victims were escorted to their seats in an almost funereal procession.
Let's hope the Court Justices do not engage in their usual "justice by clairvoyance" whereby an egregiously light sentence is prefaced by the bilious gambit: "Since the odds of the defendant committing the same crime again are so slim . . ."

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YawningDog said...

I was floored when I read this news. Not only is he disgusting (to put it mildly), but he engaged in abuse of his power and that should be taken into consideration in sentencing.