Saturday, December 18, 2010

Manifest Density - the unstoppable decline of the US ... pop some popcorn and watch!

Exclusive: US empire could collapse at any time, Pulitzer winner tells Raw Story

Bribe To Avoid Bribery Charges Successful: Nigeria drops charges against Halliburton, Cheney

Headline on "The incoming GOP majority has a new initiative called YouCut, which lets Americans propose government programs for termination. So imagine how excited I was to learn that YouCut's first target — yes, its first target — was that notoriously bloated white elephant, the National Science Foundation." -- YouCut Citizen Review of a government agency: we will identify wasteful spending that should be cut

It's NASCAR. It's a disaster show on TLC, watching tornadoes gobble trailer homes, kicking cars up into trees and stacking yachts like toys.

It's COPS. It's Bum Fights. It's Ghetto Fights.

It's Manifest Density -- the demise of the United States of America.

It's an ugly, guilty pleasure filled with pointless destruction, base human misery, egregious sensationalism and an indefensible desire on my part to witness the whole mess.

For these reasons, I will from now on be cheering for the Repugnican Party from the sidelines.

I will light prayer candles that Sarah Palin becomes president in 2012.

I look forward to John Boehner's orange face becoming as ubiquitous as the yellow smilely "Have a nice day" face of the 1970s.

Any Democratic initiatives I'll hear about in the news, I shall boo.

The more outlandish, stupid, mean and cruel the initatives coming from the Repugnicans, I shall cheer. Cry for more.

Because the wheels are coming off the cart.

To all commentators who believe they're really walking the wire by asking in columns "Is America in decline?" I say, America is a comatosed stroke victim who's basic functions continue only because the brainstem doesn't know to quit.

So, when I hear of rich Repugnicans decrying the criminality of providing food at school to impoverished children, I will applaud.

The wheels have nearly come off the cart.

America is that shirtless, panting perpetrator fleeing sheriffs deputies on an episode of COPS; sprinting toward a swamp, where he hopes to wade through shit and get away -- but, where he'll be tackled in shit, carted away covered in shit, to sit in a jail cell caked in dried shit.

In 2011, when I hear America trumpet its empty commitment to freedom and democracy, as it refuses to prosecute torturers and war criminals in its midst, I will shout: "More! More!"

I can hear a balcony heckler say, "How can you be so defeatist?"

Because we are dealing with human stupidity of such a virulent strain you'd think it was created in a laboratory.

There are no sandbags to be placed in the path of this stupidity.

There are no riot troops to call out onto this stupidity.

There is no vaccine for it, nor is there any high ground to seek refuge from it.

It's a confluence of events unforeseen or possibly which has been predestined since the ink on the Declaration of Independence was still damp: when the cowardice of Democratic party meets the malevolent ignorance of the Repugnican party, they form a third compound that turns oxygen into cyanide, water into sulfuric acid and speech into the screeching of monkeys.

So, as I continue to read about people who have been charged with no crimes rotting in solitary confinement in American prisons because the rule of law was turned into toilet paper during the reign of George W. Bush, I will nod and say, "That's how ya do it!"

And the next time I see or hear of an American politician talking about peace and justice and human rights, I will rise to my feet, my right arm held out in front of me at a 100-degree angle and I will cry:

"Hypocrisy today! Hypocrisy tomorrow! Hypocrisy forever!"

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