Sunday, September 11, 2005

Yang, Yahoo!, & Hot Lead Enemas - Do I as I've Done & Scrap Your Yahoo! Email Account

Jerry Yang, you smiling bastard. You captain one of the shittiest sites on the Internet. Your homepage is a nightmare of convoluted, consumeristic chaos. Your "search engine" isn't really a search engine, but a lazy-ass index. Now I read in the news that you, poor little billionaire, enjoying the fruits and benefits of democracy, have directly aided China in jailing a journalist for the next decade of that poor miscreant's life. Light up a cigar with another hundred-dollar bill.

Yahoo! Inc. recently handed over information to the Chinese government that resulted in a Chinese journalist receiving a 10-year prison sentence. You know, I recall about a year ago hearing a news story about a U.S. soldier killed in Iraq whose family petitioned Yahoo! to allow them access to their son's email account. When dealing with a grief stricken family, it appeared that Yahoo! had no trouble sticking to its principles of maintaining privacy for its members/clients, or whatever they call people using their email service. I realize that dealing with the Chinese government is slightly different than dealing with a single family, however, when is someone or some company in this world going to show some guts and stand up to these blood-thirsty, backassward communists of China?

China hosts the next Olympic Games. If what I've read is correct, athletes from around the world will be competing in a sports stadium that is more frequently used for executions than for athletic events. The field is literally soaked with blood.

Obviously, it's those billion-+ consumers in China that has everyone acting as though China is simply an ill-mannered relation eating with his mouth open at a family barbecue. So many hands down there itching for cell phones; so, so, so many potential consumers.

I, for one, am finished with Yahoo! I've had a Yahoo! email account for 8 years and I'm scrapping it for a Google Gmail account. Maybe I'll hear tomorrow that Google is helping China jail writers, but for now that's what I'm using. There are few "stands" I take in life, but when I hear of writers being persecuted for any reason, I boycott the nearest piece-of-shit corporation whose made it possible. And wherever there is tyranny, there is always some piece-of-shit corporation standing nearby with a growing, stinking stain in the back of its trousers. This time it's Yahoo! Inc.

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