Sunday, October 11, 2009

At One With the Perversiverse

Posts from this blog from the last three years have been corralled, straightjacketed and committed to the pages between two book covers. You can read the whole thing here for free; I've been casting these posts to the wind for going on five years. The indifference of the actual universe has been a useful crucible to me in forging the pieces that comprise At One With the Perversiverse.

A synopsis of the book is as follows:
The Perversiverse is the tumultuous, paradoxical, multifarious, sweet-and-sour world-system that envelopes and influences our society. It's where George W. Bush can be president of the United States, where Oprah Winfrey parades society's lame and leprous before adoring audiences, where McDonald's invades the Louvre, CEOs smelt down golden parachutes, political hacks control the discourse, and yuppie parents raise their children to possess a Mount Rushmore of self-worth, but not a mole hill of personal responsibility.
Check out At One With the Perversiverse. It's not The Secret and it's not The Lost Symbol. It's light on philosophy at times, but heavy with the heavy-handedness.

The wonderful Books I Love on Twitter was extraordinarily kind and gave this book a mention this evening. Much appreciated!

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