Thursday, October 08, 2009

Cries of "Bad taste" as McDonald's moves into 'Mona Lisa' museum

"Shortly after McDonald's' celebrated its 30-year presence in France, the fast-food chain is conquering one of the country's most valued cultural institutions --the Louvre.
. . .

"McDonald's plans seem to have caused more media attention abroad than in France, but for some French outlets, the idea of combining fast food and ancient art is stomach churning.

"The Parisian Web site 'Louvre pour tous' (Louvre for everyone) describes McDonald's' decision to open a restaurant in the prestigious museum as 'bad taste' and blamed the Louvre's directors for failing to prevent what could result in 'fragrances of fries drifting under Mona Lisa's nose'."
Elitists. Snobs. Kill joys.

McDonald's has been making people happy for almost 70 years. I guess the French don't want people to feel happy after looking at all their depressing art in the Louvre. I suppose the arbiters of taste would prefer mimes outside of the Louvre handing out week-old baguettes to hungry tourists at inflated prices.

I have long supported a citizen's group that's advocated for more McDoanld's, and strategically positioned McDonald's restaurants. We'd like to see more McDonald's franchises in funeral homes, for instance. And in rape counseling centers. Also, walk-in psychiatric facilities would be the perfect locations for a McDonald's -- Lord knows those down-in-the-mouth sad-sacks could use a good pick-me-up. And what about Ground Zero in New York? If there is one place in America that could use a good, old-fashioned clown smile boost in spirits, it's that unhappy place. We should get back to basics and put a McDonald's right in the middle of Ground Zero.

Instead of lining the border between North and South Korea with tens of thousands (if not millions) of landmines, why not line the border with one McDonald's after another? We should remind those Gloomy Guses in the North what they're missing out on.

Fact is, McDonald's is what people have wanted since the 1940s. The numbers don't lie. So, I say the elitist schmucks who want to put their no-fun, show-offy effete tastes ahead of popular opinion should take a backseat and get out of the way of everyone else's fun. Better yet, they should order some Happy Meals. Who doesn't feel better after eating a few Happy Meals?

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