Monday, October 12, 2009

Persuasiverse: The why, the "who cares?"

"Whaddya all want for nuthin'? A rrrrubber biscuit?" Dan Ackroyd once sang as Elwood Blues on a rendition of The Chips' 1956 song, "Rubber Biscuit," rolling the "r" like an Italian auctioneer.

The blog posts that comprise the new book, At One With the Perversiverse, were offered up free on the Web here on Inside the Hotdog Factory, written by the reclusive, enigmatic figure, Whetam Gnauckweirst. Such a "front" entity was needed because in today's free North American society, a person can be fired from their day job based upon what they write on their blog -- even if it has nothing to do with their employer, their industry, their job duties, etc.. Satirize your boss's favorite laxative, and you're on the street.

So, Whetam Gnauckweirst -- the caped, angry jester; the Barbadian garbage man -- wielded (and continues to wield) his satirical scythe here, centering his odd-colored eyes on the shape-shifting target of base human stupidity, cruelty, greed, avarice, corporatism, ambition and petty gain at the expense of others' pain (hello Oprah). There are also music and movie reviews.

Here are 98 blog posts, each a stone launched at the cranial vault of a multitude of Goliaths. Whether they are wife-beaters who think the single day's reprieve of Valentine's Day makes up for the pain and misery they lather on to their loved ones, or Rick Wagoner, former CEO of GM, drinking Putz Beer while smelting down his golden parachute, or Oprah Winfrey providing a pornographic venue for baffling, pathetic souls like Mackenzie Phillips to get up and humiliate themselves, the stones are thrown, accusations made, and satirical barbs swung at soft, unprotected regions of the guilty.

Some people think blogs are self-indulgent. Others believe blogs lack the journalistic integrity of established news sources. Show me a blog that's owned by GE or Disney. The only thing false on the Inside the Hotdog Factory is the moniker under which the posts are written. The rest is as truthful as one soul can be.

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