Monday, November 30, 2009

Get in shape for only $14,615!

The ROM - The 4-Minute CrossTrainer © is a Salad Shooter for your body! It not only builds muscle and burns fat, it bends time and alters reality. That's why doctors and metaphysicians recommend that you not spend more than four minutes at a time on this machine.

And machine it is! Look at all of its moving parts. Behold its terrifying warning label. If just getting on this machine frightens you, just think of how your fat and flabby muscles will feel. This machine literally terrifies your body into shape.

Heed all of the warnings on the label. For maximum effectiveness, you should never use the machine outside the presence of an attorney or orthopedic surgeon. For optimum results, have your guru or representative of your religious organization on scene, as well.

Prolonged use of this machine may produce strangelets, and potentially a blackhole in the room where used. Do not use in the presence of pregnant women, people under four feet in height, vegetables, such as parsnips, rutabagas, pumpkins or leeks. Do not use if stupid people live on your block -- this machine will only further lower their intelligence. Do not use if you listen to Yngwie Malmasteen or Chee-Yun.

In fact, do not use.

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Kate McKeon said...

Indeed, it is very important to contact your lawyer before any form of exercise. And then contact your doctor. And then perhaps use common sense . . .

Give what I've seen of common sense, I think I'd prefer to be known for uncommon sense.

Delightful warning label. I now want to buy this machine so I can show off that label.