Monday, July 11, 2005

C.C (no evil).T.V. in London

(July 14 Addendum: I readily acknowledge that I was wrong in my thought that the London police and other authorities looking into the July 7th attack on London would somehow not come across footage of the bombers from CCTV cameras as they got into position for the attacks:
LONDON, England (CNN) -- Police have appealed for information regarding the movements of the man who blew up a double decker bus in London a week ago, killing 13 of the 53 who died that day in terror bombings.

Detectives released a CCTV image of Hasib Hussain with a rucksack on his back as he made his way through Luton station en route to London where he boarded the number 30 bus, later the scene of a horrific explosion.
It has been my hope since these horrible attacks took place that the persons responsible for the planning and perpetrating of the attacks are caught and brought to justice. So far, the London police appear to be doing a very diligent job, and for this I commend them.)

No city on earth has as many closed circuit television cameras (CCTV) mounted around its populous as England. No city in England is as populous as London. On any given day, at any given time it can be ascertained if there is someone pissing on a door in the most far-flung neighborhood of London. American television airs a show called The World's Worst Drivers, which is merely endless reams of English CCTV footage pasted together. And this show demonstrates to even the dimmest, doodle-eating viewer that London, England is Under Surveillance.

I'm going to make a wager with everyone reading this blog: I bet that for all of the CCTV cameras in London, there will miraculously and mysteriously be no footage of the bombers who perpetrated the heinous attacks on London on July 7th.

I recall when the bombing of the Murrah building in Oklahoma City took place in 1995. In record time, images from a fast food and truck rental establishments' CCTV cameras showed Tim McVeigh before an after the bombing. Strangely, no footage of Tim McVeigh actually getting out of the rental truck, moments before the explosion, were ever aired. They exist. The FBI has them. Investigators and media have shown no squeamishness about showing other snippets of Tim McVeigh as captured on CCTV, so why the clamp down on this footage? This footage would be particularly interesting because eyewitnesses to Tim McVeigh getting out of that rental truck have testified that he was no alone. There was another man who remained in the truck for a few moments, then, too, got out.

Things are already beginning to smell like this in London. Tony Blair claims there was no intelligence to suggest an attack like this was coming. Yet, the Israelis attempted to warn the British about just such an attack. Certainly have the transit bombings in Spain last year every European country was on heightened alert, particularly Britain, which has the second strongest showing of force in Iraq right now. Claims that July 7th's attack was a complete surprise are negligent at best, and baldfaced lies at worst.

Tony Blair vows to hunt down the bombers. To my ears, which admittedly have grown cynical, this sounds as convincing as O.J. Simpson pursuing the "real" killers of his ex-wife.


Jas... said...

But OJ is pursuing the real killers of his wife... as long as they run right into him on a golf course, that is.

Whetam Gnauckweirst said...

Yeah, he's lifting his caddies' fingerprints from his clubs, narrowing down the field of suspects.