Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Attack - I Don't Believe in Coincidences

My heartfelt sympathies and condolences are with everyone directly and indirectly affected by the heinous attacks on London, England this morning. These bombings were carried out by contemptible, irredeemable, cynical persons. Terrorists, certainly. People seeking to manipulate the attention of society. Persons seeking to redirect focus from one issue to another -- what either might be, God only knows.

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Like everyone else reading about this deplorable event, I'm very curious to learn more about how it was coordinated, and by whom. Very curious.

I'm particularly curious about the presence of former New York City mayor, Rudy Giuliani, in London the morning of the blast. Gosh, that poor man has no luck with metropolitan areas!

I'm curious, too, about the timing of these attacks. They have caused an utter diversion from the G8 summit, and occurred at a time when support for the war in Iraq has waned to its lowest levels.

So, how convenient that London -- capital of the country with the second highest troop levels in Iraq, and highest levels of disapproval for the war -- suffers a coordinated bombing strike, and that these attacks are already being compared to the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York and Washington. How convenient, too, for Rudy Giuliani to be in London at this very moment; the man who was such a calming, unifying force during those horrible days after the 9/11 attacks.

It couldn't have worked out better had it been scripted.

And I'm wondering aloud if it was.

With the United States having given the American public the equivalent of the Warren Commission II as an answer to the "how"s and "why"s of the 9/11 attacks -- the official F.E.M.A. document on the collapsing of the World Trade Center flatly states that no one knows how or why the building toppled as it did. George W. Bush's attempt to appoint Henry fucking Kissinger to head the 9/11 probe was the height of black comedy and the depths of cynicism. Yeah, nobody uncovers truth like the ole moral microscope, Henry fucking Kissinger. Luckily, Kissinger had too many skeletons rattling around in his closet to have withstood even passing public scrutiny, and thus resigned.

If we could somehow dissipate the distraction of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Patriot Acts I and II, and go back and look at 9/11, and examine what's been uncovered about those attacks, we'd find that not near as much as we thought is actually, concretely known about them.

For instance, no passenger jet struck the Pentagon. The fact that no wreckage, no human remains, and not the least scrap of baggage was found in the Pentagon crash site is proof enough that something other than a passenger plane struck the building. What struck the Pentagon? I have no idea. That's why investigations are conducted -- to learn what happened.

With regard to the attacks on the World Trade Center buildings -- including the proven controlled demolition of Tower 7 -- there has been more maneuvering to quash, influence, limit, and hinder the investigation into how those highjacked air planes were able to travel so far unmolested by Air Force aircraft, how the highjackers found their way to New York without aid from air traffic controllers, and how those steel structured World Trade Center buildings collapsed.
Another disconcerting detail about the London attack that coincides with 9/11 is that the Israeli government/intelligence vigorously warned the U.S. about the coming of the 9/11 attacks, yet the U.S. did not act on that information, choosing the flat-out ignore it and its consequences. The Israeli government occupied office space in the World Trade Center, and broke its lease and vacated the premises a week before the 9/11 attacks. Apparently, the Israeli government similarly warned Britain about the coming of the London bombings, and those warnings were either ignored or fell into incompetent hands.

It's also worth drawing a parallel between the relatively low body counts. Don't get me wrong, the fact that a single person was injured in 9/11 and the London bombings is reprehensible, and personally offensive and horrible to me, but if you look at how vastly populous the areas of attack were, it's quite amazing -- and definitely a blessing -- that the number of dead and injured didn't shoot into the hundreds of thousands. In New York, apparently upwards of 80,000 people worked in the World Trade Center buildings, and the immediate surrounding area. Yet less than 3,000 perished. It's ghastly and evil that anyone was injured or killed, but rather remarkable that ten times that number weren't killed.

As with London. I've read that the population of London, England is 10 million people, which swells to 20 million on a giving workday with everyone commuting into the city. Giving those numbers and the timing and ferocity of these bombings, it's amazing that hundreds, even thousands, of people weren't killed. Once more, it's stomach-turning and heart-sickening that even one person was injured or perished in this attack. I don't seek to turn anyone's suffering or horror into statistics.
The Trade Center buildings coming down as they did had all the hallmarks of controlled demolition. Radio logs recorded firemen inside the Trade Center buildings reporting hearing "bombs" going off within the buildings. Observers outside remarked on the similarity between the tower collapses and controlled demolitions they had seen in person or on TV.

Interesting, too, is how the wreckage of the World Trade Center towers seemed to naturally break into pieces small enough to fit on the trucks that illegally hauled away the wreckage -- Ground Zero was a crime scene, and that wreckage was hauled away and sold as scrap before a single investigator could examine it.

All of which fell out of public view as the drumbeat for war in Afghanistan and Iraq grew louder and louder. The poor rabble can only concentrate on so many events and details at one time.

Now London has been hit by a terrorist attack, days after the Live8 concerts. How easy, then, to create a scenario that the bombers moved under cover of the crowds of concert-goers. Something like this might discourage other such concerts in the future.

Yeah, I'm curious as hell to find out who is behind the attacks on London. We know it was carried out by cynical persons who don't give a shit about human life. We should begin running down lists of known people who fit that description.


Mercurior said...

and dont forget london got the olympics bid, yesterday £1.5 billion investment and then this(i am a brit, i live 200 miles from london near manchester and warrington.. who was bombed years i am more knowing about terrorism, we have seen it every day and just recently from car bombs in liverpool)

Jas... said...

Oooh, very interesting analysis Matt! I have an idea that there may be a world organization, a world government if you will, who seems to run everything in the shadows. The oddities and occurances nearly every single time something either bad or good happens are just too great. Whether what your wondering about (wink wink) actually happened or not, thank you have having the courage to ask the question on such a public forum!

Anonymous said...

Congrats again Matt. I have been on the road the past week and haven't had a chance until today to catch up on your postings, but you seem to have hit the bulls-eye here.