Monday, July 25, 2005

Warning Labels on Credit Cards

In Canada, packages of cigarettes have disgusting images on them depicting the health hazards related to smoking, in an effort to alert people to the risks they are taking when they light up.

I think credit cards should come with the same kinds of graphic warnings.


Jas... said...

Now that's the best idea I've seen since partially hydrogenated oils! In fact, they should have pictures on foods that contain partially hydrogenated oils of heart attack victims, I think! I like the way Canada thinks.

Great idea, man!


Whetam Gnauckweirst said...

I, actually, believe completely in personal responsibility and hate all such labels. But if we're going to label some products, I think the faulty logic behind the idea should be applied to everything. I abhor people who sue the tobacco industry because they contracted cancer through smoking, and abhor people who sue fast food chains for their obesity. I think there are far too many guardrails and bicycle helmets in this world that are artificially prolonging the existences of those who would otherwise come to their demise by swallowing marbles or eating too many Big Macs.

To the bleeding hearts who want to legislate personal responsibility into oblivion because they just love humanity so much, I say, "If you love it, let it go. If it comes back to you, it's yours. If it does not, it never was."