Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Colors of Missing

            The Colours of Missing

            Raindrops on the rooftop
            Signal another downpour.
            & the teardrops of this heartshot
            Find me on this far shore.

                 You’re the girl I love
                 & yet am not kissing.
                 The breeze whispers you name
                 Whenever I am listening
                 & this longing I feel,
                 (there’s just no resisting)
                 Has painted me through
                 With the colours of missing.


            Angel’s wings & days in Spring,
            I have seen with my own eyes.
            Mermaid tails & bottles of ale
            Have me waiting on the high tide.

                 You’re the light on the shore
                 Guiding sailors in from fishing.
                 The sum of your smile
                 Is Beauty’s definition.
                 By your kiss on my head
                 I am christened,
                 Painting me through
                 With the colours of missing.


            Hand-carved canoes & letters from you
            Are sailing my heart home.
            The haven of your hair & the stab of your stare
            Have rolled back this lonesome tombstone.

                 You’re the glimmer on the leaves
                 When the morning dew glistens.
                 You’ve thrown open the gates
                 Of my former life’s prison.
                 & never did I think
                 I’d be in this position,
                 Painted through so thoroughly
                 With the colours of missing


                 The pound of the rain & the thunder of your name
                 Rattle my grateful walls....

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Nadon said...

Awesome! Can't sum it up better than that.

I'm always amazed by all the different ways to say the same thing.