Friday, September 10, 2010

All the news that fits

The recently, targeted fallout over the Robert Rodriguez movie Machete, reminded me why conservatives hate news outlets that are not Fox News or Rush Limbaugh, or any of a number of appendages to the radicalized right in America:

Without the constant, breathless Limbaugh/O'Reilly-esque commentary constantly smoothing the barbed edges and continually blowing ever more smoke through passages comprised of ever more mirrors, conservative politics appear as what they are: childish, reprehensible, untenable, delusional, life-denying, greed-enabling, corporate-handjobbing beliefs.

Conservatives constantly need these echolalic voices to massage their indefensible beliefs into the soil of themselves.

Hence conservatives' violent hatred of news on National Public Radio or any outlet not in lock step with their Ministry of Truth. Because those outlets do not provide the same oiled cacophony to smooth the way for the unswallowable beliefs of conservatives to be swallowed.

Seeing/hearing their beliefs in their naked, unvarnished form, conservatives rebel. They criticize the media outlet when they should, in fact, look at themselves and examine their their hopelessly incongruous tenets without the psychedelic enhancement of their mega-million dollar commentators.

It's like the old Bucket Beauty Test. You want to know if a woman is beautiful, let her apply whatever makeup and hair products she pleases in order to look her "best." Sit her on a milking stool and then throw a bucket of water in her face. If she still looks good, she's truly goodlooking.

Conservatives need to throw a bucket of water on their belief system and give it an honest look. Being foot soldiers for corporations and politicians who hate them is really no way to live a life.

Sidebar: The news referred to in the image on this post, where Fox News, inexplicably, reported news was this story EXCLUSIVE: Pentagon Attempts to Block Book on Afghan War.

Will wonders never cease?

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StrangeLove9 said...

Corporate handjobbing? Love the term and its oh so fitting in this context. Well done brother Whetham, well done!!!