Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Mission Accomplished 2.0

Evil and insanity of the type that swallows whole nations is like a weather system that hovers around the world.

In the first decade of the 20th Century, it enveloped Germany, and did again in the 1930s. It's enveloped Russian, China and numerous African nations.

The terrible thing about this malevolent weather system is that it can overtake multiple countries at once.

Since the end of World War II, it parked its mordant ass over top of America and it hasn't moved since.

The war in Iraq -- in which American combat operations have supposedly ended -- was a debacle of proportions that were, if not biblical, very much Shakespearean. The orgy of violence, greed, bloodlust, corruption, Christofascist crusading, pillaging, torture all wrapped in the funeral shroud of lie upon lie upon lie upon lie.

The war was a mistake. Veterans of the war have been sorely mistreated by the very government that sent them, needlessly, into harm's way.

America threatened and bullied its friends and neighbors and allies to get involved with this war. Some did, many did not.

It'll take more than a nation-sized straitjacket or penalty box to check the flailing arms of America.

If the country was the least bit serious about being a civilized society, it would have put the architects and enablers of the Iraq war on trial. But President Platitude chose to "look forward, not back" keeping the national pass time of not knowing the past and thus making it inevitable to repeat it, completely intact.

Hence Vietnam 2.0 in Iraq.

America must get out of the business of attempting to pluck the speck out of its neighbor's eye and attend to the log in its own -- to paraphrase one of the country's favorite comic book heroes, Jesus Christ.

The country can have all the "Restoring Honor" rallies it wants. There's nothing to restore. The mask fell off completely when George W. Bush seized office in 2001. It's time the Phantom of the Opera was dragged into the light and his ugliness and wretchedness beheld and acknowledged by all.

The Iraq war should never have happened.

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