Tuesday, September 21, 2010

If anyone was serious about turning America around, there'd be a march on Wall Street

Nothing signifies the lack of seriousness in public discourse about the highway robbery perpetrated by the Bush administration, with its $700 billion bail out of the "free market system" -- which President Platitude in the Oblong Office is now being tarred with -- than these bogus Tea Party events, candidates, and worse, demagogues like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin hijacking the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream Speech" with a rally about "restoring honor."

What does Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin know about honor? Nothing. If they really wanted to restore honor to America, they would have jumped into the Potomac River.

And if there was any seriousness about reforming our Thug-based economy, the Rape and Pillage economics that governs our "free" markets, there would be a march on Wall Street.

Wall Street is where the criminals who tanked the economy earn their ill-gotten gains.

Wall Street is Ground Zero of the American Economic Collapse of 2008.

Wall Street bankers should be designated enemy combatants, economic terrorists and hurled into Guantanamo Bay, Cuba -- which President Platitude hasn't yet closed. Something along that line would happen if there was any real justice in the country where 46 of the 50 states are on the verge of bankruptcy.

From The Great American Stickup: How Reagan Republicans and Clinton Democrats Enriched Wall Street While Mugging Main Street:
[The economic crash of 2008] was a giant hustle that served the richest of the rich and left the rest of us holding the bag, a life-altering game of musical chairs in which the American public was the one forced out. Worst of all, legislators from both political parties we elect and pay to protect our interests from the pirates who assaulted us instead changed our laws to enable them.
If this is the case, then why has no one called for a march on Wall Street?

Back when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was alive, I've read that among all of his speeches and events, none caused his enemies -- J. Edgar Hoover and most of the encrusted, white, robber baron establishment -- more anxiety than his proposed "Poor Peoples' March on Washington."

Dr. King never got to lead that march. He was shot down in Memphis before it could become a reality.

It was one thing for people of color to seek equality in America. That was a bitter pill the establishment knew it would one day have to swallow -- grudgingly, halting and fighting it every step of the way -- but poor people? Even Jesus Christ said, "The poor will be with you always."

No way any movement for the poor would get off the ground in any meaningful way.

Hence, the egregious bonuses continue unabated to the criminals on Wall Street.

If there was any seriousness about rectifying the damage to the economy wreaked by the criminal corporate class, those bonuses would have been replaced with subpoenas and criminal charges and court dates and frog marches and prison time.

Instead, we have multi-millionaires ranting about President Platitude on Fox News and EIB. Sean Hannity is worth an estimated $30 million. Glenn Beck is worth approximately $22 million. A couple of years ago Rush Limbaugh signed a 10 year contract for his radio show valued at $400 million. Sarah Palin has earned a reported $13 million since she quit her job as governor of Alaska. These multi-millionaire "voices of the people" are nothing but shysters who sell you the snake oil that makes you sick, and then turn around and sell you the cure.

Not content with that, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity have respective scams ongoing to continue to pull in the dollars.

I'm glad Stephen Colbert and John Stewart are going to have their marches. I just wish they'd go "off book" for one day and march on Wall Street rather than safe, predictable, photogenic, ready-for-the-crowds Washington, D.C.

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