Friday, September 24, 2010

Colbert at Capitol -- All seriousness breaks loose!

Colbert Made a Mockery Out of Congress screams the headline on

The Drudge Report intones in its usual understated way: "Shock: Even DC reporters declare Colbert to be out of line..."

As though D.C. reporters have even the faintest idea of what's funny. These are the same self-important stiffs who panned Stephen Colbert's searing, lacerating, brilliant performance at the White House Correspondents Dinner in 2006.

Journalist after journalist who attended that event droned about how dull and inappropriate Colbert was. Bullshit! Those lame-asses were the brunt of Colbert's satire -- as well as George W. Bush, whom I'm sure didn't understand a thing that was said by the comic.

Of course those D.C. reporters with their lofty impressions of themselves didn't find him funny.

And didn't today.

My point -- who cares what they say? I don't.

Given the fact that Al Franken is one of the most articulate and effective politicians in Washington, I think more comedians should have input in how the U.S. government works.

Since conservatives do not possess the gene needed to laugh, there are, obviously, no conservative comedians.

Should Stephen Colbert have been invited to testify in character at Congress? I don't think so. He was invited to do so, and so he did. But given how deeply irony-impaired much of America is, the true meaning of his satire would be lost on most.

Poor, dotty, brain-injured John Conyers asked Colbert to excuse himself and submit his testimony in writing. There's a real man of the people, Conyers -- married to the Joan of Arc of Detroit who's 36 years his junior and about to serve 36 months in prison for corruption.

I think most people will come away with the same thought after seeing Stephen Colbert testify in character on Capitol Hill:

Congress is a mockery of Congress.

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