Friday, September 24, 2010

C.O.W. vows to fight Burka ban in France

As France votes to ban the burka, covered women everywhere vow to fight on.

"Nothing has changed," said Elkima Dotminder, spokesperson for Covered Women of the World (C.O.W.). "We still believe in the freedom of the individual and that these are our bodies, and if we want to keep them covered, we have the right to do so!"

Jacques V. of Oglers Anonymous, Marseille, France chapter, had this to say, "If they're going to wear the burkas, could these woman at least taper them to be a little more form-fitting? I'm sure I've spotted some nice asses, but have such a difficult time verifying my first leer."

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Macphisto said...

Sandpeople should not be allowed to walk in single file! How come nobody complains about this? I bet if Burka-wearing folks started walking in single file the whole werld would be up in arms!