Thursday, January 27, 2011

Grandstanding pianos

A grand piano in decidedly bad repair has been spotted on a sandbar off Key Biscayne in Florida.

Department of Homeland Security officials haven't yet ascertained the piano's nationality, its mode of transportation, political affiliations or its intentions.

Is this a dissident piano defecting to the U.S.?

At this point, nobody knows.

According to a Telegraph article on the mystery: "Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokesman Jorge Pino said the agency is not responsible for moving such items and the US Coast Guard won't get involved unless it becomes a hazard to navigation."

This is yet another chapter in the ongoing story of "traveling pianos" "pianos on the move" or "grandstanding pianos", as one pundit quipped.

Recall in 2008, the piano that was found in a forest in Harwich, Massachusetts. There were no witnesses to the piano taking up its position in the wild and only conjecture on how long it had been there before discover. There were no known confederates, but authorities admitted they'd been caught totally unawares by the appears of the "Harwich Piano."

A member of the Harwich Mass police hostage negotiating team is seen here tentatively approaching the "Harwich Piano", beginning to establish rapport.

An example of a deciduous piano naturally forming on a hillside in New Brunswick, Canada.

So far, there has been on comment by the Piano Federation of the Southern Eastern United States about the Key Biscayne Grand Piano.

At this time, CNN was still working to determine whether or not the piano has a Twitter account or any reality TV aspirations.

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