Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How much power does an idiot wield on an airplane?

From Fox News (the first name in news that can't be trusted): "But [Arianna Huffington]'s travels soon hit turbulence when another passenger on board the United Express shuttle complained that she was still using her BlackBerry, and the flight crew alerted police on the ground, Jen Friedberg, spokeswoman for the Port Authority Police, told FoxNews.com."

I've been on planes and I've seen the gadget fools who just cannot put down their cell phones.

Are passenger lives really at risk when someone uses a cell phone on a plane at times when the flight crew has requested them to be shut off?

Because I'm not about to place my trust in some jerk waiting for a life-and-death text from a buddy about what jeans he's wearing that night -- or, some goombah or gombette tracking their order of Tan-in-a-Can online.

Cell phone users can be insufferable enough on the ground -- in movie theaters, hospitals, anywhere -- from whom the least bit of consideration or common courtesy or decency or consideration cannot be expected.

I don't trust that my flight won't be brought down merely hoping some one-celled-texting-amoeba will comply a flight crew's request.

Headline Police: Man attacks teen over cell phone on plane

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