Sunday, January 02, 2011

Texting Dun Rite!

With a ski hat filled with false modesty, multi-retired and unretired Vikings quarterback, Brett Favre, announced yet another retirement.

"This time is just makes sense," Favre said. "Until I decide it doesn't."

This retirement, however, may just "take" because Brett Favre has plans to join forces with former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick in creating a new wireless phone texting network called Texting Dun Rite.

It was fitting that the announcement took place in Detroit after the Lions achieved a surprise victory over the Vikings. In fact, at last word, the Lions were still trying to believe they'd won.

Few details are known at this moment about how Texting Dun Rite will differ from other wireless networks, but insider sources say that Favre and Kilpatrick plan to bring together their formidable texting experience to ensure that the texts of their subscribers are "dun rite"!

Favre announced the career move to his family, earlier, in an emotional text message that included a picture of his penis looking distinctly "sad", a source close to the family says.

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Anonymous said...

Brett Favre retires.

Osama Bin laden converts to Judaism.

Sarah Palin accepts post as Philosophy Professor at Harvard.

Ozzy Osbourne will sing Rigoletto at the Met next month.

Newt Gingrich joins the Democratic Party.