Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The game's on at Pedophile Park!

From The Windsor Star: "A convicted sex offender has bought the rights to have parts of Amherstburg's new recreation complex named after him.

"Jim Massen, an 80-year-old retired television and appliance repairman and farmer, donated $50,000 to the town's Rotary Club for the new Miracle League baseball diamond for disabled children. For that, the diamond's score clock will have his name on it."

So, this is the Canada we live in? A convicted pedophile avails of Canada's ridiculous pardons program and then pays enough money for his name to be emblazoned on a park where children will play baseball.

It sounds like the premise for an episode of Family Guy.

Unfortunately, it's just another day in Amherstburg, Ontario.

What does this convicted sex offender say of his time in jail for his crimes?

"To be honest, it was a big, nice vacation."

So much for our personality spa prisons.

Judge Kenneth Ouellette called Massen a "disgusting human being" and a "menace to young boys." Then handed the pedophile a sentence of one year in jail.

So much for dealing sternly with a menace.

But that 1990 conviction wasn't Massen's only sex offense.

According to The Start article: "Massen also has four convictions for indecent assault from 1965.

"'I have been pardoned,' he said.

"Massen says he applied for and received a pardon from the National Parole Board in 2004, like hockey coach and serial sex offender Graham James. If that's true, his criminal record is no longer public."

That's awesome.

Fantastic that a person in the community donated over $100,000 for a recreation center. Bit of a shame that it's named after a man who abused children.

See you at the game at Pedophile Park!

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Anonymous said...

Just goes to show how intelligent the people running Amherstburg are...