Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Obama's first manful act as president

Yesterday, President Obama perpetrated his first manful act as president when he garroted ex-president, George H.W. Bush, in front of witnesses at the White House.

As he did so, President Obama shouted, "In the name of the people of Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras and throughout the United States, who've been addicted to the drugs that you facilitated to enter this country. . . For giving this world the walking venereal disease named George W. Bush . . . I rid this planet of your filthy presence!"

Authorities identified the murder weapon as the ribbon that came with President Obama's so-far utterly undeserved Nobel Peace Prize.

The Bush family had no immediate comment. In the midst of their grief, they converged on the Bush patriarch's attorneys' office for a reading of his will.

Neither did anyone at the Carlysle Group have any comment. An anonymous insider reveals that upon news of the ex-president's demise, a melee ensued within the war profiteering investment group over Bush's corner office.

Legal disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, parody and satire. The author in no way advocates violence in any form against anyone, hence the mocking of a war criminal like George H.W. Bush. Anyone who reads this piece as more than a mere political joke can, in the words of Inside the Hotdog Factory's legal counsel, go fuck themselves.


CornerOfficer9 said...

I need to speak to your insightful legal team about the disclaimer, strangely, it seems to be ridiculously accurate. BTW, has anyone claimed that corner office yet?

Whetam Gnauckweirst said...

It's believed at this time that Barbara has claimed that office space, but reports are as yet unconfirmed.