Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Banksters, use your evil genius for good!

Stomach-turning Reddit headline #451,985: A significant number of people being foreclosed on HAVE NEVER MISSED A PAYMENT. Banks delay processing payments to incur late fees unbeknownst to the borrower, which fees are fraudulently deducted from the next payment, which incurs more late fees ..., which results in a foreclosure.

Banksters and Wall Street economic terrorist thugs have more ways to torment the American people than Ted Bundy had for his victims.


Now, why doesn't someone turn America's financial nuclear arsenal upon the enemy?

By this I mean: Conscript your leading high-powered financial fraudsters to cook up a number of products that, say, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia -- whoever is on the U.S. "do-not-invite" list -- will buy up.

Then, just as they've done to the American people, U.S. covert banksters can tank those financial products sold to the landlord-enemy, bringing about a two-fold effect:

(1) Destroying the economies of the enemy;
(2) Earning oodles of cash to pay down the deficit

In my neighborhood, someone would shout out at this point, "Now, that's thinking!"

The banksters and Wall Street goons-in-suits cold keep 1 percent of the filthy lucre, but the rest would go toward balancing the United States federal budget.

Done . . . and done.

I know in the empty chest cavity where a heart should exist inside a bankster is warmed by torturing and tricking fellow citizens, but maybe the sick carnival of the U.S. stock market could take a couple quarters off and aim all of that financial destruction where it's needed.

Because, as Wikileaks keeps remind us: America has lots of enemies.

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