Thursday, November 25, 2010

The "bend over and take it" brigade continues to grow

Maybe they'll all band together and we'll see them on a flotilla headed over to Fox News.

You know them -- the Bend Over and Take It Brigade.

The spineless, obedient, compliant urinalists who are taking to the airwaves and the Web begging everyone who's ire is up over TSA "enhanced pat downs" and body imaging scanners, to shut up, obey and be good, groveling grubs of the State.

Fuck that. And fuck these unprincipled, frightened rabbits feverishly penning articles about how Opt-Out Day is terrible because it's causing the Security State a little dyspepsia.

Fuck you, cowards.

Thanks to the cowards among us, we've got the PATRIOT Acts I and II.

Thanks to the hand-wringing, obedient enablers and apologists, we've got the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Thanks to this abhorrent mentality that believes the impossible -- that one can trade freedom for security -- we've got an out-of-control TSA groping and snapping nude scans of air travelers.

So long as we listen to the cowards in our midst, like Rosa Golijan writing for Gizmodo, Chris Matthew, host of MSNBC's Hard-on and William Saletan writing for Slate, citizens will have to continue running the groping gauntlet in airports across the US.

Moreover, so long as we listen to these cowards, we can look forward to similar treatment when boarding trains, buses and boats. Hell, I'm sure the Security State cowards will rail to have body scanners and gropers installed at the entrances of shopping malls.

Please, members of the Bend Over and Take It Brigade, take you're quivering, frightened, passive, compliant, eager-to-please-the-State selves down to your bomb shelters and lock the door.

Enjoy your security.

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