Wednesday, November 17, 2010

TSA to take page from successful photo blogs

Rumors abound in the publishing industry that the TSA will take a page from Awkward Family Photos and People of Wal-Mart -- literally.

The TSA is said to be coming out with a coffee table book of collected images from airport body scanners across the United States.

Among the hilarious gems in the TSA's tentatively titled Vacay Scans From America's Airports are images of hermaphrodites, men with three testicles, men wearing women's underwear, women wearing chastity belts and even with sex toys in the darnedest places!

Yes, the TSA told us that all airport scans were deleted soon after being screened in airports, but, oops, they lied.

The TSA has been storing up its funniest scans for it's new TV game show Name That Scan! and for the rumored coffee table book.

After weeks of growing uproar from the traveling public, the marketing arm of the TSA has been pulling out all the stops in order to quell and quiet naysayers and complainers.

If the Vacay Scans From America's Airports is anywhere near as funny as the Awkward Family Photos and Shit My Dad Says are, the TSA may score a PR coup -- and a holiday bestseller.

That is, if the book exists at all . . .

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