Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Re: Body scanners -- if the US population is for them, then they must be OK

Hurrah for freedom! The People will out!

ABC/WaPo Poll: Americans Support Body Scanners 64% to 32%.


This from a populace that believed George W. Bush's bogus claims that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and Bush's, Dick Cheney's and many other Bushco administration figures who claimed there was a link between Iraq and the 911 attacks.

By September 2003, 70 percent of the US population believed Saddam was linked to the 911 attacks.

Polls expressing the opinion of the least informed populace on the planet are amusing and entertaining, but they are, ultimately, completely unhelpful for basing a case.

Americans are in favor of body scanners until they have to go through one.

Just like they're against government spending -- until it affects their Medicare or Social Security or government contract.

It's all part of being NIMBY Nation. So long as the problem isn't in their backyard, US citizens really don't give a shit.

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