Saturday, November 20, 2010

If only Wesley Snipes was white and in Colorado, DA Hurlbert could make this all go away

Wesley Snipes Ordered To Surrender For 3-Year Prison Sentence

If only Wesley Snipes was white and had maimed someone with his unpaid taxes in Edwards, Colorado.

Had he been there and done that, sympathetic district attorney Mark Hurlbert would surely be happy to cut him a deal.

After all, being a Repugnican, Hurlbert worships the wealthy.

For instance, when Morgan Stanley fund manager Martin Erzinger ran over a bicyclist with his Mercedes and fled the scene, empathy-filled Hurlbert declined to press felony charges against Erzinger because that would harm Erzinger's employment.

According to a Business Insider article on the matter: "Erzinger manages more than $1 billion in assets. He would have to publicly disclose any felony charge within 30 days, according to North American Securities Dealers regulations."

The answer?

Don't charge Erzinger!

Problem solved!

Hopefully, Hurlbert and the banksters-with-the-hearts-of-gold at Business Insider who so magnanimously supported Martin Erzinger through his rough period, will fly to the defense of Wesley Snipes.

But we don't live in Mr. Hurlbert's perfect world where law and order is dispensed based upon a person's pay cheque.

Hopefully, when the Repugnicans take power in the House of Representatives in January, they'll ram through legislation patterned on Hurlbert's bias so it'll be the law of the land across the 50 states.

If the wealthy can't always escape justice because of their wealth, what's the point of being rich.

And isn't the mere fact of that question being asked the first creep of Socialism?

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