Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Palin family is like The Brady Bunch -- but with guns and ignorance and teen pregnancy

There is little about political "pundits" that interests me.

They're team players, so they'll say anything to make the other team look bad -- true or not.

No discussion of any substance can be had with an ideologue because the conversational math is so easy to calculate that it renders words pointless: Conservatives love rich people, war and finding new ways to dupe and cheat the middle and working class; Liberals love disappointing everyone because they do not possess the courage of their convictions, and when pressed, really don't stand for anything.

Ask a conservative about the BP oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico this summer. "The Gulf had it coming!" the Repugnican will bellow. "Liberals have deliberately weakened the Gulf floor from decades of inaction, and this is the result!"

Liberal reaction to the BP leak in the Gulf: "Generations of sea urchins will never grow up to apply for food stamps," comes the weak, nasally reply from the pinched, bespeckled face. "And the ozone and climate change. The ice in Antarctic will never forgive us!"

And each ideological persuasion professes to be an expert on the other.

For instance, S.E. Cupp in her article Sarah Palin's happiness is what really irks liberals.


As an imbiber of daily news, I'm irked by Sarah Palin's naked greed, ambition and unvarnished stupidity. That she's a national figure shows just how little it takes to be a national figure.

Maybe she is happy. If ignorance is bliss, Sarah Palin's living in paradise.

The Palin family, of late, seems to fancy itself as The Osmonds for the new millennium.

They're not.

The Osmonds were tiresome, but harmless. They had a spot of talent and didn't stray far from the little they could do well.

Bristol Palin's appearance on Dancing With the Stars, will, I hope, result in the appearance of a new citizen from her birth canal in 9 months. Her vow of "dressing modestly" and the griping of a rightwing conspiracy keeping her on the show -- are what pass for "discourse" in this pathetic age.

And now Sarah Palin's own show. Profile of a Wilderness Quitter. See her trudge around in rubber hip waders as the argument for gay marriage is deconstructed every time her goon of a husband slaps her on the ass.

And hey, look! Willow Palin has hit ideological puberty with a homophobic rant on Facebook -- where all policy should be aired before being made into law.

Those Palins! They're like The Brady Bunch, but with guns and ignorance and teen pregnancy.

S.E. Cupp seems to really know what makes liberals tick. She seems to know a little too well.

Rush Limbaugh, too. If he was as knowledgeable, say, about pedophilia as he is about liberals, I'd view him with even more suspicion than I already do now.

But, as American life proves, year after year, bickering creates jobs.

So, Sarah Palin's happy, liberals can't stand it and the working stiffs of the great ole USA voted their velvety tormentors back into Congress.

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