Monday, November 29, 2010

DADT - try service without the guns

Lindsey Graham: 'Don't Ask Don't Tell Is Not Going Anywhere'

A Final Push To Repeal 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

I heard an interview with a gay former marine who was drummed out of the service based upon rumors and angry subordinate had begun about him. Turned out the rumor was true, but, essentially based upon lies and hearsay, this young marine lost his career.

I say good.

I don't say that because I'm homophobic, but because I think the more people who can be yanked out of harm's within America's war machine, the better.

The strange thing about this young marine -- he volunteers with a local chapter of Log Cabin Republicans.

Yeah -- the party that despises him and fights every step of the way to limit the rights of homosexuals, is a recipient of his volunteerism.

When asked if he would like to serve in the military again, the former marine said that he would, but probably in the reserves. But he stressed that he felt he had a call to service.

Too bad he feels that call is to fight the wars on behalf of those who openly despise him -- illegitimate wars where the casualties are predominantly civilians.

Also, too bad the young former marine doesn't see volunteering in an American community as service -- and not with the billion dollar rightwing party that hates him.

Schools. Literacy programs. Soup kitchens. Retirement homes. The myriad poor, wretched, stepped-upon and discarded.

As I listened to the interview with this marine, I heard a voice speaking in between the lines, an intimation that was needed in order to make sense of the young marine's idea of service: "But I like to shoot people. I feel I'm called to service, but that service must involve shooting people. Sorry."

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