Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Canada's purse-lipped, prudish, persnickety insistence on adhering to "political correctness" at all times

Inquisitive American writer writes:
I know that was satire, but the Canadian obsession with a word I hate -- p.c., or better, p.c.ishness -- fascinates me. It's not as though Canada has a Nazi past and must guard against the slightest verbal or visual infraction. What IS the reason for that? You must have an idea. Is Canada more racist than I suppose? I mean, I know Quebec has a severe case of Frencholitis, but other than that, I'm mystified...
Grouchy Canadian writer replies:
The Canadian obsession with political correctness, I think, derives from a fear of prejudice seeping into our society.

Sorry to break the news to my fellow Canadians but prejudice is everywhere.

I also think it comes from an arrogant, doe-eyed naïveté about how the world works. Our elites know of the proles only through their sociology texts and newspaper accounts, or possibly they have some distant, struggling relative who lives near proles and reports on their desperate state of being.

And these arrogant, helium-sucking assholes believe they can change the world by buying it a Coke and by setting up Human Rights Tribunals -- we've had them since the 60s -- where the most easily offended among us can bring anyone or any organization up on charges of not being nice.

I wouldn't be surprised if, one day, calling someone "Canadian" is tagged as derogatory and discriminatory, and we're left having to utter a person's ancestry of origin going back 29 generations in order to be PC: "Yes, it was a Cherokee-Iraqi-Swedish-Pakistani-Mandarin-Australian, officer, who over-paid for his coffee. Jeez, I'd sure like to get this thirty-nine cents back to him!"

The emblem on Canada's flag shouldn't be a maple leaf, it should be a marshmallow.

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