Monday, April 26, 2010

No one stands between Commander Allwrecker and his pipe

Spoken in the voice of Graham Chapman:

I say, no one comes between me and my pipe: not the waiter, nor the manager, nor the owner, nor the justice of the peace, nor the notary public, nor the magistrate, nor the head of the Elks Club, nor an alderman, nor the head of the Chamber of Commerce, nor the president of the Kinsmen Club, nor the wife if the head of... the Rotary Club, nor the bank manager, nor the priest, nor the rabbi, nor the mullah, nor the chief of police, nor the police commissioner, nor fire chief, nor the head of the public works department, nor the head custodian at the art gallery, nor the mayor, nor the mayor's wife, nor the mayor's mother . . .

They should've just let me smoke my pipe.

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