Sunday, April 11, 2010

"Pardon system works" -- Really?

There's an article in today's Montreal Gazette, in which the author believes the Canadian pardon system works.

It doesn't. Really, it doesn't.

The article touches upon the "recent pardon of Graham James, a convicted child molester."

Got that? A convicted child molester is not only released from prison, but has received a pardon. What does this mean: "The only thing a pardon does is allow someone legitimately to say they do not have a criminal conviction."

The article goes on: "Being able to say 'I have no criminal convictions' is important. Many jobs require a clean record and holding down a job is a significant step toward full rehabilitation."

What bangs out at me are two things:
First, pedophiles cannot be cured. That's not my opinion, that's a medical/psychiatric fact. Pedophiles are incurable.

Second, what sort of jobs require a clean criminal record? Maybe, working in a school, for instance. Or, being a coach.
Here's another paragraph that I interpret in a way that's entirely contrary to the author's view: "Since 1970, more than 400,000 Canadians have received pardons. Of those, less than one in 20 has had a pardon revoked, indicating that the vast majority remain crime-free in the community. The pardon system works."

Less than 20 pardons -- of more than 400,000 -- have been revoked since 1970. The author uses this stat to proclaim that the system works. He has much too much faith in our lethargic, myopic, cover-their-asses bureaucrats.


It was pointed out to me that I misread the line about how many criminals in 400,000 have their pardons revoked. I have struck out my erroneous restating of that line. Yes, I got that wrong. Even though I misquoted that line, I continue to stand by my opinion that the pardon system in Canada is a farce and should be abolished.

Pedophiles are incurable -- this cannot be overstated. No pedophile, no matter how contrite, should ever receive a pardon. Child molestation is a variety of crime where "mistake" or simple "bad judgment" never come into play. At the heart of pedophilia is premeditation. It's a disease of the soul that manifests in criminal damage to children.

Since the timid, lame, dysfunctional Canadian justice system hinges entirely on rehabilitating offenders, once locked up, no pedophile should ever again be released.

Because they cannot be rehabilitated.

But, then, this is Canada where the minority rules -- and apparently there is no minority too abhorrent to have some amount of sway. Even the molester minority, apparently.

What's more frightening? That child molester Graham James has received a pardon, or that there are actually people in this country who think that's a good thing?

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