Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"You mean guys working for 'AssSmashers.fuk' aren't going to treat me with dignity?"

I really couldn't care less how others earn their living, so long as they don't do it by robbing my house.

I'm equally disinterested in how people amuse themselves behind closed doors. You've got people who are 18 or older who consent to beating each other over the head with gilded dildoes while listening to the collected works of Tony Orlando, I really couldn't give a shit.

So, if people believe their calling is in porn -- by all means, have at it!

I recently read an article about actresses who'd left the porn industry, and had nothing but wretched horror stories to tell of their experiences there.

Not that I found that terribly surprising.

What took me aback was the fact that these former actresses -- no men were interviewed, I guess -- had some weird, warped idea that working for sites called Meatmyass.com and Boobzilla would be pleasant, rewarding experiences.

The tales they told were awful, to be sure, but what the hell did they expect?

Some spoke of their idea that porn was glamorous.


Like Linda Lovelace being forced to have sex with a dog?

Or, one of those heart-warming gang bangs, facials or A.T.M.s?

Or, glamorous like Jenna Jameson who, after each scene, looks like she'd just stepped off a 22 hour flight to Australia?

I'm no prude, and I'm sure no judge of how others should spend their time. But I do question the judgment, intelligence and rationality of people who go into an industry notorious for destroying lives and come away disillusioned because they weren't treated like Julia Roberts on the set of Loadmymouth.com.

This is why I've never applied to work on Punch_me_in_the_bag_and_stomp_on_my_foot.com. The name sort of tells you what you're in for.

But that's just me. What the hell do I know?


Anna Areolae the 2nd said...

Your blog is both wrong and offensive, my time at smashmyvaginaalltohell.org was great, so stop presuming otherwise. Fucking jerk!!

Whetam Gnauckweirst said...

I'm thrilled for you that your time at smashmyvaginaalltohell.org was fulfilling.

But, if you'd wipe a bit of that last cum shot out of your eyes, you'd see that I was commenting on the actresses quoted in the article I'd read, not making any blanket statement about porn in general.

To think that my humble blog was able to offend a porn actress is, actually, quite a compliment. I wouldn't have thought you'd be capable of feeling anything. So, I'm glad my words landed on the last un-calloused part of your ... whatever.