Thursday, April 29, 2010

Woman sues Nature because she cannot produce sperm

Windsor reaction mixed to decision allowing girls to try out for boy's teams

Celeste Quesnell, 26, today received the backing of the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal in her lawsuit against Nature because she, Quesnell, cannot produce sperm.

"It's clearly discriminatory," Quesnell says. "It shouldn't matter that I was born a girl. I want to produce sperm so I can impregnate my partner, Lisa, and I'm clearly being denied my human rights based upon my gender."

Ontario Human Rights Tribunal spokesperson, Roslyn Fareech, says, "Nature's gender bias has been allowed to continue unchecked for several thousand years. When is enough enough? When is the madness going to stop?"

Nature, or any spokespersons associated with Nature, has not come forward with a statement, as yet.

Speaking for the Ontario College of Surgeons, Morag Lawson, wrote in a recent editorial about the case: "Women cannot produce sperm. It's a medical fact. It's a fact of nature. The sanity of anyone trying to impose a change in nature through litigation must seriously be questioned."

"This whole nightmare has caused me unbearable stress," Quesnell says. "It's left me feeling like half a human being -- as though I'm not worthy of love; that my rights don't matter. I merely want to father my own child. Is that so wrong?"

Quesnell's lawyer, Martha Nogad, says, "So far, Nature hasn't even come forward with a defense or a statement, or anything. This should be a slam dunk. We're very confident of a positive outcome."

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