Monday, April 12, 2010

If the pardon system in Canada works, then Canada is broken

From: Whetam
To: Gominder
Subject: What the fuck?
I wrote this blog yesterday after reading an article in the Montreal Gazette praising Canada's pardon system after a convicted child molester was the latest recipient of one of these dubious pardons.

What blows me away more is the reaction to my blog -- how Canadians embrace such a fucked up system.

I think there is a documentary to be made about Canada. What is the disconnect between ordinary Canadians and the retarded fuckheads who make our laws, preside over our courts, and basically rape us at every turn with taxes, regulations and bullshit?

Sure, Canadians are passive, but Canadians are also pretty bright. Or, so I once thought. I hadn't even heard of our glorious pardon system until I heard of this fucking child molester receiving one. It's just unbelievable.
From: Gominder
To: Whetam
Subject: RE: What the fuck?
I can't even talk about this pardon, I got so fuckin' upset last week when I saw the article that I actually had to shut the tv off!

Can you imagine the victims of this pedophile being made to relive and be loaded with the knowledge that this asshole has in essence the same rights as them. Fuck that!

This Graham idiot can travel, apply for jobs and tell everyone that asks that he has no criminal record.

Your article sums it up best when you claim that the minority will always rule in this country, no matter how small or pathetic the cause.
From: Whetam
To: Gominder
Subject: RE: RE: What the fuck?
The bizarre, retarded pseudo lawyers who inhabit the Canadian section of Reddit are like a band if cannibals -- they're only satisfied feasting on the flesh of crime victims.

This pardon struck me as an affront to what I used to think Canada stood for.

Now I know what Canada stands for -- the stupidest kid in the class; the nose-picking shit-for-brains who stares at the traffic light after it's turned green, wondering what to do next; the shyster who doesn't tip attentive waitstaff in a restaurant.

Canada embraces simpletons, wastrels, shitheads, thieves, pederasts, deviants of every stripe -- the more deviant the better.

The Canadian flag should be fashioned into a dunce cap and set up this country on a globe of the world. And that dunce-capped globe should be on permanent display at the House of Commons.

House of Commons. House of the Lowest Common Denominator. It's not Parliament, it's Pensionment.

Canada stands for people who get rid of their gum by sticking it to the underside of a desk.

Canada is an outrage to the mind, a blight against the brain. Our leaders are scoundrels, knaves, lay-abouts, cheats, crooks, incompetents.

The leadership of this country may be a shower of wankers, but the citizenry that cannot bother its ass to ask for better is the even more torrential shower of wankers.

Canada no longer makes a gawddamned bit of fucking sense to me.

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